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for supporting multiple users and devices simultaneously. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-tty/v. farewell to a former first lady. a look back at the live of betty ford. and the message the dalai lama has for you. and heavy rain drenched our area yesterday causing widespread flooding. are we in for more stormy weather today? thank you for starting your weekend with us. welcome to "news 4 today" on this saturday, july 9th. we begin with good news. you should finally be able to dry out after a night of wet weather if you had a tough time dodging raindrops yesterday, you were not alone.
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that storm that hit hard and fast, it dumped sheets of water and took down trees and power lines, too. this huge poplar just missed the zion church and just down the street, police actually broke out the chain saws after a tree came down on busy tucker man lane during the height of rush hour. but it was frederick where cars came to a standstill as downtown streets turned in to rivers. the speed at which the water rose caught a lot of people by surprise. darcy spencer spoke with residents who caught the flash floods on camera. >> i couldn't believe it. because it came down so fast. >> reporter: the cell phone video shows market street turning into a rage river in a matter of minutes. a flash flood stranded residents and bringing business to a standstill. >> it got crazy. the entire sidewalks were covered, the street was rolling rapids as cars came by, tiny
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waves came up on to the streets. >> reporter: she shot this video of the water washing up very closely to the restaurant where she works as a general manager. >> we had to panning some dirty linens against our kitchen door because the ally started to flood and signs started floating away. >> it was all the way up to the door handle. >> reporter: at about pub, two feet of water filled the basement. they're mopping up and fanning the floors. damage was minimal. >> it does come did not fast and furious every once 2345 while, but this was a big one because market street was a river. >> reporter: things are pretty much back to normal, but you will find trash bags where people picked up debris left behind. the flood control system spared the district from disaster. it was built after the city flooded in the 1960s. >> underneath that are essentially aqua ducts so the city remains safe. >> reporter: much of the damage
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was caused by blocked storm drains. you were showing that the water came up to the sign here? >> yeah, came up about right here, right past the sign and everything. you see where everything just brushed right under the car. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4. >> and a lot of people are still without power. right now pepco reporting about 18 people without -- or customers without power. 46 for dominion. and the bulk of the outages are with bge, about 2200 customers are without power right now. so the question this morning is what will mother nature bring us today? chuck bell is here with the answers and we hope we want to hear it. >> you'll like this forecast a lot. it will be beautiful outside. for today and for tomorrow. we have a few fair weather clouds, but these are not the clouds that produce anything in the way of torrential done pours oig like we had to deal with
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yesterday afternoon. there's live picture out in our eastern sky this morning. the sun has been up for about 12 minutes now. a mostly cheer sky. we'll have a few mid level clouds around first thing this morning, but on the whole, i think you'll write down today as a sunny saturday afternoon. a few fair weather clouds bubbling up in the midafternoon heati heating, as well. current temperatures, what a relief compared to the last couple days. mid to supper 60s west and north of washington. 72 downtown, also in an rwe'll n the nice side of the weather boundary. lower humidity. won't still be on the hot and humid side. it is after all the middle of july? washington. we can only expect it to be so cool. but highs today in the upper 80s. if this is your day to go down
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to the beach, plenty of cloud cover. i think today will not be the best beach day. tomorrow looking a-okay. we'll talk about on in on next week in a couple more minutes. >> some people like clouds at the beach. >> i sure do. as long as it's not raining. >> thank you, chuck. back in our headlines, this morning america is remembering the life and legacy of betty nord. ford died last night in california at the age of 93. she married gerald ford in 1948 and was first lady from 1974 to 1977. she helped create the betty nord clinic for substance abuse and addiction after publicly discussing her own battles with alcoholism. ford also raised awareness about breath cancer following her 1974 mastectomy. we'll have much more at 6:30. a trial date is set for a woman accused of killing a woman at the yoga store.
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norwood is accused of killing janna murray back in march. police say norwood beat murray to death after murray confronted her about stealing store merchandi merchandise. norwood's attorney said he's not ruling out the possibility of addressing his client's mental health. >> you have to explore every possibility because as you go along, you discover certain thing in the case. and our investigation is still continuing. we're looking in to our client's background and trying to keep that as an option. >> norwood will remain in the montgomery county jail until trial. the so-called shower bandit in virginia is behind bars. police arrested edward jones earlier this week in florida that is satisfies. a week ago jones was arrested for stealing copper from a building. authorities searched his home and found items that were recently stolen from a local business. police believe jones committed a rash of other break-insed and in one incident they say he proper into a business, took a shower, then left with the stolen goods.
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he faces burglary charges and is being held without bond. a federal judge has okayed a civil suit filed by maryland's attorney general over political robocallss. the case seeks $168 million in damages from jewel yaus henson, a political consultant. prosecutors say the more than 112,000 robocalls police order election day were designed to suppress democratic turnout. but he says he didn't know it was illegal and it wasn't meant to suppress minute's vote. new results from the round of standard sized test, but they come as a cheating scandal expands. mayor gray and education leaders presented the results yesterday. they show despite steady gains since 2007, scores from last year remain mostly unchanged. past rates for math and reading in elementary grades are down fractionally, while rates in secondary schools are up. but the numbers are overshadowed
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by news that the department of education has joined the investigation into cheating on the tests. >> if something is revealed by the inspector general's report that should be addressed, we will aggressively address that. >> the d.c. inspector general launched the investigation after a "usa today" story in march alleged there was excessive erasing on answer sheets from 2008 to 2010. today the dalai lama will deliver capitol hill to deliver what he's calling a talk for world peace. the gathering is free and open to the public and will begin at 9:30 this morning on the west lawn. the talk is part of an 11 day event being held at the verizon center by the dalai lama. whoopi goldberg will be emceeing today's event and skylar gray will perform. also this morning, maryland residents have a chance to chat with one of their representatives over a cup of coffee. congresswoman donna edwards will
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hold two coffee conversations this morning. the first will be from 8:30 to 9:30 at the dunkin donuts on annapolis road. the second at the royal bakery on german town road. it is the end of an era for man and one giant question mark for man kind soig p. >> two, one, zero and liftoff. the final liftoff of "atlantis" on the shoulders of the space shuttle, america will continue the dream. >> the 135th and final mission thundered from kennedy space center on a 12 day trip to the international space station. once "atlantis" returns, 9,000 people will be out of jobs and there will be no vehicle to replace the shuttle. that has some within glass a's ranks doubting the future of america's space program. >> i will tell you that i think year looking at a lost decade.
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>> it just cooperate be farther from the truth. america has a bright future in space. president obama has committed this nation to moving forward to an asteroid and beyond to mars. >> nearly a million people estimated to have watched the launch from florida's coast, but the final mission also drew the attention of thousands in our area. >> and liftoff. >> employees at the nasa goddard flight center in green bell watched with mixed emoigss as "atlantis" made the final mission into space. while they say they have strong ties to it, most employees are exciteded for new opportunities that come with the end of the shuttle program. now to a story out of baltimore. as participants in a triple kidney swap met each other for the first time. the six included a married couple, fraternal twin, and
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grandmother and member of her church. doctor set each recipient up with a stranger through what's called a paired can kidney exchange program. the triple kidney swap took more than 12 hours and was performed by doctors at university of maryland. time right now is 6:11. still ahead, the duke and dut dutchedutc dutchest arrive in camera. a look at how they'll be spending their time here in the states and new developments in the scandal that brought down one of britain's most famous
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two former employees of the tabloid news of the world have been arrested for their roles in the paper's phone hacking scandal and now there are questions about who was involved. new allegations reveal that journalists not only hacked in the voice mails of celebrities, royals and family of soldiers killed in action, but that they also paid police for information. there were similar hacking allegations against the tabloid a few years ago and a subsequent police investigation. now, though, that investigation has been criticized as incomplete and even compromised because of the bribery allegations. >> the royals are in america. william and kate arrived in l.a. yesterday after a trip across canada. they'll spend much of their weekend promoting britain's business sector, but as jinah kim tells us, that's not topping folks to try to get a gym himself of the royalty. >> reporter: the duke and duchess of cambridge touched
6:15 am
down on u.s. soil late friday afternoon dreeted at los angeles international airport by an entourage that included the governor and first lady of california. they were immediately whisked away to the beverly hilton hotel in beverly hills where the newlyweds turned a venture capital conference into a main celebrity event. >> we have a future king here. >> reporter: prince william and kate were there to promote the united kingdom's version of silicon valley before an audience of ceos. it is their first trip together to the united states and it's brought out royal watchers from as far away as scotland. >> we adore them and we just happened to be here at the right time. >> we watched the royal wedding and then we started planning because we heard that they were coming to l.a. >> reporter: southern california is the couple's only stop during their visit, though elton john and david and victoria beckham have homes here, they'll stay at the british council general's
6:16 am
mansion in hancock park where they were welcomed friday night by top state and city leaders. next on the agenda, prince william plays in a clarity polo match in santa barbara, and then they'll help promote the british film industry at a black tie event for the british academy of film and television arts. gjengina kim, nbc news, beverly hills. >> they would told me some folks were paying as muches as $60,000 to get a chance to play polo with the prince. could you imagine? >> if you've got the money, great. and you're not going to have that opportunity very often. >> you can play with me for a lot less. a lot less. and i'll bring the drinks and hot dogs. just invite me. for us, very nice weather coming our way. we'll talk about it all straight ahead. why do we choose coppertone sport? it works great on wet or dry skin because it's seriously waterproof and ultra sweat-proof. coppertone protects across 100% of the uva/uvb spectrum.
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coppertone sport. embrace the sun.
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it works great on wet or dry skin because it's seriously waterproof and ultra sweat-proof. coppertone protects across 100% of the uva/uvb spectrum. coppertone sport. embrace the sun. another person has died from the tornado in joplin making her the 159th death from the may 22nd tornado. it is the seventh deadliest tornado ever in the united states. the announcement from the city's public information office is the first in two weeks. coming up on 20 after the hour here now. 72 degrees outside our studios. and i had the windows open this morning. a good breeze going. >> yeah, the humidity is coming
6:20 am
down just a bit. yesterday our due points and the dew point is like the real measure of moisture in the atmosphere, they were in the low and mid-70s yesterday. today still plenty warm, but compared it it what we've gone through, i think you'll notice and appreciate the changes in the weather. more importantly, rain chances have dropped to essentially zero for your weekend. so as you're making your plans for your picnics or your boating excursions, your trips to the beach or even just to know the lawn or wash the car, should be a very weather cooperative weekend for you. outside on an early saturday morning, temperature its now holding in the low 70s. 72 down at national airport. dew points as i mentioned, though, yesterday they were in the low and mid-70s. still in the humid range back into the upper 60s. relative humidity 87%. northwesterly breeze at 7 miles per hour. it's that northwest wind which is really going to start to change the way the complexion of the day looks. 67 in hagerstown, winchester, new market, all upper 60s this
6:21 am
morning. low 70s closer into town. even sterling, virginia, at 69. alongside the bay, very warm bay waters held your temperatures in the low 70s. here's a check of how much rain we've seen around here over the last 24 hours. not all that much right in downtown, but some places picking up well more than an inch at 1.8 inches in frederick yesterday officially at the airport. some places closer to down town had a lot more than that. temperatures low 60s to our north and west and the change in dew points up here is where the drying out is occurring and that's the air mass that will ride that northwest wind down into our area for today. so a nice improvement. there goes the back end of the clouds. a few mid level clouds around first thing this morning. if you're driving down on the beaches, ocean city, a little bit more cloud cover hanging right along the coastline for today, but the further you go back to the north and west, abundant sunshine as high pressure dries on in and pushes the moisture down to our south.
6:22 am
that front will stay well to our south for the weekend, so that's the reason why the weekend forecast is looking very nice. tomorrow winds from north to northwesterly, back around to the northeast and gladly as this area of high pressure moves away, we'll start to pick up a little bit of a return flow that brings the humidity back in place for monday and as the boundary comes back, may have to worry about thunderstorms by tuesday. but between now and then, almost no chance for rain. today most live sunny, plenty warm. some farewell cumulous clouds bubbling up in the middle of the afternoon. highs today upper 80s and low 90s, so it will still feel like a warm summer day. sun doesn't go down until 8:35. highs generally lower ninth, but a little lower humidity level, so we can toll late that. there's your trip down to the beach forecast. plenty of clouds down will, especially the front half of the day today, although i did think the skies will clear out at the beach tonight leading to a beautiful day coming up tomorrow. here is our four day forecast around washington today. highs hovering near 90 degrees. low perhaps mid ninth for sunday
6:23 am
and monday. thunderstorms return back to the forecast for tuesday night, maybe in to the first part of the day on wednesday and then drier weather with again a little bit more of a comfortable humidity break coming our way. anytime you need the forecast, or follow me on twitter and the weather channel and great places to find it. >> i'm trying to think back to last summer and it feels like -- last summer was awful. >> keep in mind last summer was the all-tooime record hottest, it has to be better than that. >> absolutely. well, fans and players came together last night to mourn the tragic loss of a young father. all flags at ranger ballpark flew at half-staff and both the rangers and oakland a's observed a moment of silence and wore black rib bops. it was in memory of shannon stone, a texas firefighter who was at thursday's game with his 6-year-old son. he fell out of the stands while trying to catch a baseball tossed to him by josh hamilton.
6:24 am
stone fell about 20 feet. he was conscious when he was he was taken to the hospital, but later suffered cardiac arrest and died a short time later. a painful loss for the nationals. hakem dermish has the match-up with the rockies including a scary moment for one of the pitchers. good morning. your sports minute begins with baseball. nationals hosting the rockies last night. starting pitcher cruising along, gets gonzalez swinging. one of five strikeouts on the night for landon. wigginton back up the middle off landon's face. a run comes in, but look at it again. just misses with his glove. yeah, that still hurts. pl gets up. no broken bones, just a contusion. the nats however lose to the rockies 3-2. in boston, orioles against the red sox and it was a slugfest.
6:25 am
they put up eight runs in the first. then in the eighth, kevin gregg throws inside to ortiz. he doesn't like that. then the next pitch, ortiz pops one up, gregg encourages him to run down to first base. ortiz charges the mound and the two men appear to go at it, but no punches are really landed. just a lot of scuffling. the red sox beat the orioles 10-3. baltimore has lost 10 of its last 11 games. hockey news. the capital traded eric fehr to the jets. he had ten goals and ten assists last year. according to a report, the caps free up $2.2 million in salary for next season. golf now. fairfax native see marino is two shots off the lead at the john deere classic. he's trying to win his first pga tour event. that's your sports minute. i'm hakem dermish. have a great day.
6:26 am
during last year's world cup, an octopus named hall rose to stardom after successfully predicting the winners of 50e67 each of the german matches. the aquarium says it has another octopus. so far the 7 month old has correctly predicted the match of each women's team. and she's selected her home country to win the next match, as well. we shall see. while you were sleeping, a new country was born. we'll tell you where it is and show you how people there are celebrating. also ahead, making history. the role this marine is taking on that is inspiring people around the world. consumers today have a legitimate concern about the chicken they eat.
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celebrating in the streets. the dreams of hundreds of thousands is realized this morning as their long and painful fight for their own country ends in victory. welcome back to news 4 "today." i'm aaron gilchrist. your headlines are just ahead. first we're hoping to do some drying out today. chuck bell is here with our first forecast. a lot of folks got really wet
6:30 am
yesterday. >> big time. sometimes you have to just admit that you can't be anymore wet than you already are. the people that go dashing across the parking lot. when it's raining that hard, you'll just be soaked from top to bottom. so just walk and empbrace the rainfall. i went through the same thing. sometimes you can just be so wet. but today you won't have to worry about that at all. yes indeed, bryce sunshine out there on an early saturday morning. sunshine glintding off the top of the potomac river there, a beautiful sunrise. sun came up at 5:51 this morning. temperatures on your early saturday 72 here in town, 69 degrees in fairfax, 64 manassas, frederickburg, spotsylvania, all in the upper 60s. the showers are long down to our south and southeast. it if you're headed down to the outer banks or southeastern virginia today, you'll probably run back into a little chance for rain, but as long as you're staying here or driving north
6:31 am
and westbound, everything is looking just great. plenty of sunshine. highs today, it will be plenty warm, but compared to yesterday with all that humidity and storminess, it will actually be pretty usable outdoor weather day today. you can wafsh yowash your car o clean up after yesterday with the branches and stuff that are down. but it will be good weather today and tomorrow. >> or you can do nothing. >> now, there's an idea. >> don't forget that one, chuck. >> i always forget about doing nothing as an idea. in the news now, today america is remembering former first lady betty ford who passed away last night at the age of 93. the wife of the late president gerald ford, she helped raise awareness about drugs and alcohol abuse in the 70s. bruce hall has more now on the life and legacy of betty ford. >> reporter: she never expected to be first lady. >> i do sole lemgly swear -- >> reporter: she was thrust in on to the spotlight after water
6:32 am
gate claimed the presidency of richard neixon. >> the event that probably had the biggest impact on my life was the day my hd tousband took oath of office as president of the united states. >> reporter: she married gerald ford in 1948 and began her life as the wife of a politician and mother and housewife. >> i like my career as a house wife and mother. i think my life has been much fuller and much broader. and i'm happier than i would have been in what is somewhat a narrow life that you have to give up everything to become a professional. >> reporter: as first lady, ford was vocal, speaking out in support of women's rights. when faced with breast cancer in 1974, she spoke openly about the disease and her mastectomy. two topics not discussed in public in those days. ford also spoke openly about her battles with alcohol and drugs and established the betty ford treatment center.
6:33 am
once out of washington, mrs. ford rarely stepped back into the political spotlight, making only a few public appearances with other former presidents and their wives. be she remained active in the causes close to her heart. bruce hall, nbc news. president obama rae leased a statement saying, quote, throughout her long and being a of it life, elizabeth ford did distinguished herself through her courage and compassion. while her death is cause for sadness, we know that organizations such as the betty ford center will honor her legacy by giving countless american as new lease on life with that we take knowledge in the fact that she and her husband are together once more. a nationwide moment of remembrance for the upcoming anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. it calls on americans to come together at 1:00 p.m. for what he calls, quote, a minute of reflection.
6:34 am
he says the occasion would be a striking symbol of american solidarity. paris island is where young men and women are molded into u.s. marines and now they have a new boss who is making history. commanding general lori reynolds is the first woman to be in charge of paris island in south carolina. reynolds has served in the marines for 25 years and says her promotion is just one example to young girls out there who want to serve their country. this is not the first time reynolds has made history. during a stint in afghanistan, she was the first female marine to become a lead commander in a battle zone. the june jobs report is out and it was all around terrible news for the economy. unemployment went up and employers added a meager number of jobs. brian mooar has the story. >> reporter: u.s. employment virtually stalled last month. a net growth of just 18,000 jobs. that nudged the unemployment rate to 9.2% and raises some
6:35 am
serious recovery concerns. >> our economy as a whole just isn't producing nearly enough jobs for everybody who is looking. >> reporter: president obama blamed economic head winds, natural disasters, sky high gas prices, and government budget cuts that slashed 39,000 jobs. despite an early morning rain in louisville, kentucky, people began lining up before dawn to apply for one of 1800 jobs at a retooled ford plant. >> opportunities like this don't come around this often. so i had to be here early. >> reporter: while the economy added 6,000 manufacturing jobs in june that's a drop in a very big bucket. >> anyway you cut this data, it's lousy. >> reporter: the president called congressional leaders back to the white house on sunday to break the stalemate over the debt creel being and government spending. democrats and republicans are united on one point, they don't like what they're hearing so far. >> we're not going to reduce the
6:36 am
deficit or subsidize tax cuts for the rich on the back of the america's seniors and working families. >> there is no agreement in private or in public and as the president said yesterday, we are this far apart. >> reporter: the white house is lowering expectations for sunday's meeting predicting bottom line, but not breakthroughs. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. the world has a new nation to recognize today. residents of the newest country, south sudan, spent all night celebrating their independence. south sudan voted for independence under the terms of a 2005 peace treaty that helped end two decades of civil war in the country. your time is 6:36. a new museum could be coming to the national mall and this one
6:37 am
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for supporting multiple users and devices simultaneously. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-tty/v.
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a tragic story out of new york this morning as an army veteran who lost his legs in iraq died after being thrown from a roller coaster.
6:40 am
29-year-old james was on the ride of steel when he was ejected from the ride. it climbs horn 200 feet and can reach speeds in excess of more than 70 miles an hour. a spokes american sa sman says after the sdiincident and they' investigating how it happened. casey anthony denying a visit by her parents. cindy had scheduled a visit for last night, but casey denied the visit before her mother arrived. lawyers for anthony's parents say case city cut off communication with cindy and her father george during the trial. anthony, who is scheduled to be released on july 17th lived with her parents before the trial began which now begs the question of where she will live once she's free. a new smithsonian museum could be on its way to d.c. virginia representative jim moran has introduced legislation that calls for a national new
6:41 am
see museum of american people. it would highlight the melting pot of people we are today. he says it's time to tell the story of all the american people. 6:# 41. the "today" show is next. amy robach joins us live with a sneak peek. >> good morning. and coming up this morning on "today," we are remembering betty ford. the former first lady died on friday. she was a remarkable woman who championed many social and health causes. she also used her own battles with addiction to create the famed treatment center in her name. we'll have much more on her life and legacy. and then the end of an era. atlantis now in orbit on the file mission for the space shuttle program. 30 years after the first shuttle launch, we will look back on the historic journey and see what may be flex for nasa and the space flight. plus casey anthony found not guilty, she will be free in just eight days. and her release comes as more
6:42 am
and more states are trying tos pass laws named in caylee's honor. we'll have the latest on the saga. and then royal fever hits hollywood. william and kate are in los angeles and they're gearing up for a weekend to remember. it includes a star-studded dinner and polo match. we'll have a live report from southern california. those stories and more coming up right here on "today." aaron, now back to you. >> you got to within der when a prince plays polo, do you let him win? >> yes. yes. >> exactly right. all right, thanks, amy. if you spent anytime outside this summer, you probably noticed it, the mosquitos are out in full force. we're right in the middle of mosquito season which lasts from may to october, but there are ways to fight off those pests so you can actually enjoy your weekend outside. john schriffen reports. >> reporter: technicians at the health department trap mosquitos to trap the different species and potential diseases flying through oir area.
6:43 am
so far this season, no sign of the west nile virus. but they noticed the asian tiger mosquito is getting comfortable and is on the rise in our area. >> they're pretty aggressive. they'll bite any surface of the skin that's available. >> reporter: we've all been told to get rid of standing pools of water around the house because that's where mosquitos like to breed. what about water we can't get rid of? >> you can buy mosquito dunks and you put it in the water and there's bacteria that gets released and mosquitos feed on it or the larva feed on it and they can't turn into the mosquitos. >> reporter: she says the belief about them being attracted to some more than others is actually true. they're drawn in by a co2 and a general skin smell we emit. to protect yourself outdoors, remember to wear the three ls. light colored, long, loose clothing. because if it's too tight, mosquitos can bite you through
6:44 am
the material. but experts say one of the best repellants is to actually use bug spray, but make sure to spray it all over. >> it actually puts a barrier on your skin and they know that you're there but they don't want to land on your skin. and if you miss a part of your skin, they'll land there and try to feed. >> reporter: she says the best brand is the one you'll actually use. in fairfax county, john schriffen, news 4. and for more information on the mosquitos and how you can protect yourself, visit our website, just search mosquitos. time right now is 6:44. it is 70 degrees outside our studios. >> i think we've got mosquitos here in washington? industrial strength mosquitos. >> they make these clip on things now, too. >> right. >> we can talk about it later. >> with a little bit less rain, maybe it will be less conducive for moss key toes development. we'll talk about your weekend [ mr. clopper ] i don't talk to them as much as cindy does... good morning chickens!
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[ joe ] we never have used steroids or hormones of any type. it's not gonna happen. [ joe ] and always raised cage free. we set our goals higher than anyone. we're trying to make a better chicken. [ jim ] my dad did, my grandfather did and it's what we do today. [ jim ] my dad did, my grandfather did announcer: when your eyes are smiling, you're smiling. be kind to your eyes with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. transitions lenses are available at an america's best location near you.
6:47 am
so you've seen horses on the beach before or dolphins in the water. how about elephants, though? four elephants from denmark's national zoo got their chance to play in the surf yesterday. the trip to the beach is an annual event that attracts hundreds of animal lovers and they were not disappointed. the elephants put on an impromptu show there before they returned to the zoo. splashed around a little bit. did a little dance in the water. >> they're not on a leash. what do you do if the elephant
6:48 am
starts swimming on out to sea? you're like that hoe -- do they respond if you call them back? >> that's a good question. >> what would they have done had they did decided to make a run for it? >> they'll figure it out. of course they will. right? how do you get the elephant back to shore. peanuts? >> that might do it. throw a mouse out there? i don't know. i digress. >> yes, indeed. but it's been steamy and stormy and now finally just in time for the weekend, the front has gone south. and as long as that boundary stays down to our south, our weekend weather is looking a-okay. so with that in mind, let's take a peek outside on a saturday morning. good looking way it to get the weekend started. a little bit of haziness out there and still plenty of low level moisture in the atmosphere, so it still feels a little bit on the thick side as you make your plans to get
6:49 am
outside early on your weekend. 72 degrees. that is the current temperature down at ronald reagan airport. we're on the ninth day of the month, six out of the first eight days in the month of july have been 90 or higher. so the first weekend day of the month, 3.4 degrees warmer than average. as highs this weekend will be hovering near 90 today and probably back into the low 90s tomorrow, but the humidity level will come down just a bit. 66 in martinsburg, charles town up in the panhandle of west virginia, this morning, 72 in bethesda, 71 in silver springs. 66 in frederick, maryland. rainfall amounts generally around an inch yesterday where the thunderstorms occurred. this is a typo here, they did not have 27 inches of rain at andrews air force base. but more than two inches in annapolis and nearly two inches in frederick, maryland. here is the real change for us.
6:50 am
our dew points are just now starting to drift down. we have a northwesterly wind in place. that will move down the slightly humid air for the day today. tomorrow warmer, but the dew points will be lower. so today temperatures up close to 90 degrees. but with dew points hovering still into the upper 60s, it will be warm and on the sticky side. the showers and thunderstorms are now moving down through tidewater, virginia and as long as the front stays down to our south which is where it should be, we'll be sitting pretty. high pressure in charge today, so north to northwest wind today. gradually as it this area of high pressure moves up towards places like long island and the jersey coastline, we'll start to pick up more of a southeasterly wind flow. so that will be a very pleasant weekend in store for us. that boundary comes back to the north on monday and our thunderstorm chances return probably not monday, but tuesday looks like a little on the stormy side. so for your saturday, plenty of sunshine. toasty warm.
6:51 am
fair weather cumulous clouds bubbling up this afternoon. then for tomorrow, sunshine, a little bit on the warmer side, but less in the way of humidity. so kind of a tradeoff there tomorrow. highs tomorrow 87 to 93. if you're making the drive down to the beaches today, plenty of cloud cover at the coastline for today. bright sunshine returns for tomorrow with high temperatures upper 80s, mid-80s tomorrow down at the coast. for us, around here today, near 90 degrees with some mid level clouds around from time to time, but on the whole a good day. 92 tomorrow with present of sunshine and comfortable humidity levels. low to mid-90s for monday and tuesday. tuesday afternoon, evening, maybe into the early parts of wednesday, a chance for some showers there, but plenty warm around here monday and tuesday. you can follow me on twitter, >> slash weather. all right. thanks a lot, chuck. remember how you would go running as a kid when you heard the ice cream truck driving down your street? that truck is not music to some
6:52 am
people's earses. the penalty one driver is facing playing with your friends?
6:53 am
i am playing with my friends. hey, mrs. d... joseph? sarah! it's mommy's turn now. let's go. [ male announcer ] the average home has over four internet-connected devices.
6:54 am
we were gonna storm the castle. i love your hair. [ sarah ] thanks i went to your guy. it's perfect. i thought we were storming the castle. [ male announcer ] that's why you need the internet rated #1 for supporting multiple users and devices simultaneously. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-tty/v. a rough night not nationals and orioles and the final scores only tell part of the story. here's hakem dermish with your morning sports. >> good morning. what happened in the fourth inning last night at nationals park prompted davie johnson to say it's a manager's worst
6:55 am
nightmare. starting pitcher john lanan got hit in the head by a line drive. he suffered a nasal contusion. nationals starting a three game series against the rockies. blch lanam gets five strikeouts on the night. three batters later, and look out, folks, ty wigginton with the smash back up the middle off l after the nan's face. see again. lanan just gets his glove up and that still hurts. lanam gets back up, walks right to the dugout, no broken bone, just a nasal contusion. davie johnson says he doesn't expect lanan to miss his next start. bottom of four, wilson ramos you crushes one to left. his eighth of the season. matts trail 3-2.
6:56 am
here we go. rally caps on in the bottom of the ninth. nobody out. runner on first for jayson we h werth. he gets him swinging and guns him out at third. the natting lose it 3-2 the final. let's go to boston. orioles taking on the red sox. check out the body language from buck showalter. not happy. here's why. bottom of the first, runners on first and second for ortiz. takes the fastball deep to right. his 19th of the year. makes it 4-0 red sox. and that's just a bit inside. ortiz says don't do that again. bull pen cleared for a minute, but we play on. next pitch, ortiz pops up. gregg encourages him to run down to first base. ortiz says what did you say? charges the mound. the two grown men appear to go at it, but no punches really
6:57 am
landed. big papi and the red sox beat down the orioles 10-3. wow. baltimore's lost 10 of its last 11 games. hockey news. the capitals traded eric fehr yesterday to the jets for a prospect and a fourth round pick in the 2012 nhl draft. in 52 games last season, he had ten goals and ten assists. the caps free up $2.2 million in salary for next season. golf now, steve marino is two shots off the lead at the john deere classic. he started his round on the back nine here on the par three 16,'s shot from 140 yards away. it's a beauty. he would knock that in for birdie. then on number two for eagle from # 2 2 feet away, putting with precision. he shoots a 66 in the second round. he's tied for second at 12 under par. trying to win his first pga tour event.
6:58 am
he'll be chasing this man. he had reconstructive knee surgery last year, posted a 62 yesterday and holds a two streak lead at 14 under. we're in colorado springs where the squirrel and usga are hosting the u.s. women's open. stacey lewis here on number five putting for birdie gets that to go. lewis is tied for second at two under through 16 holes. kim is in first place at four under. play was suspended because of weather, so plenty of golf to make up and apparently the squirrels won't mind because they have their snacks ready to go. that's your morning sports. i'm hakem dermish. have a great day. you know it's music that kids go running to. in massachusetts, it's giving some people an icy attitude. i didn't realize it was the same music everywhere. >> oh, yeah. >> gilbert recently got a $100 ticket for playing that music in his truck too loudly apparently.
6:59 am
police issued the tick account after complaints that he set up outside a high school graduation ceremony. he says he's just trying to make a living and he will fight the ticket. but, dude, it's a graduation. you can't play your truck outside the auditorium. >> yeah that's a trick wi one. no one wants to hear that all the way through the ceremonies. i wonder if they thought out about buying a cone and telling him to move it along. >> i don't think that would have done it. a little opportunistic, i think. that being said, the one that drives by my apartment building every day, he does well. let's just put it that way. >> let's just say that you support his efforts in your particular neighborhood. >> exactly. appreciate him. that is it for "news 4 today." we're back in about 25 minutes with a local news and weather update for you. join us again at 99:00. the "today" show coming up next.

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